Tenant Representation is our business

Why Us


Most importantly while representing our clients we always accomplish significant savings of rental costs as well as capital expenditures associated with fitting out or refitting interior.


We are team of experts whose profession is tenant representation. Our specialization is key to quality of provided services. We know all aspects of decision making, market alternatives and know well what costs and prices are adequate.


Due to many years of experience and knowledge of commercial real estate market we can shortly and effectively find cost effective solution matching needs of our clients. Our rich experience means that we know how to resolve challenging situations and pragmatically assess each alternative.


We are only professional advisory firm on Czech market that exclusively represents tenants. We will represent interests of tenants and users of real estate without exceptions and in all circumstances. We will always stand on your side.

Complex services

We have readiness to provide all relevant services to accommodate needs of your firm. Based on your requirements we will secure business and technical solution, negotiate contract, construct or reconstruct interior, furnish interior and relocate firm. We can do it all without disrupting operation.