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Social responsibility

Prochazka & Partners adheres to the principles of corporate social responsibility in economic, social and environmental respects.

In economic respect we adhere to transparency and elimination of corruption.

In social respect we financially support through endowment fund Kapka naděje Clinic of child hematology and oncology at FN Motol. This way we support children with leukemia, cancer, congenital disorders of blood coagulation and metabolic disorders.

In the social sense, we also support a high-quality working environment within the framework of the competition organized by the Office of the Year. The main objective of this competition is to motivate and educate the leaders of large companies to take the quality of work environment for their people as a key factor for the success of the company.

We motivate and award business leaders who already appreciate the importance of this.

Our competition helps to improve the lives of people who work in the environment made by those whose position we can influence.

We take this responsibility seriously and take into account the interests of all the parties involved.


In environmental respect we support though our professional practice principles of sustainable development. As professional advisory firm in the area of commercial real estate we believe that it is our responsibility to wider society to support reconstruction of old and construction of new energy efficient buildings. As buildings themselves in EU consume 40% of all energy consumption, create 36% of all CO2 production and with its total area of 25 billion sq.m. cover approximately area of Belgium we believe that reduction of energy consumption in buildings is one of the most effective ways to lower our negative impact on the environment.